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  • Consultation

At Regal Optics & Medical Devices we are experts in importing cutting edge Medical Devices and Medical supplies. We provide our customers a comprehensive study of their needs, and match them with the suitable devices that best suite their medical profession. Contact us to book a free consultation session.

  • Research and Development (R&D)

We have a special division for developing and promoting new Medical Devices and Technologies, especially in the fields of Ophthalmology, Optometry, Biotech, Medicines and Cancer research, with our partners. And we always welcome joint ventures and partnerships in prospective fields.

Moreover, we participate in worldwide related medical conferences and events. Thus, we welcome any scientist with a new idea. We can work you through patent procedures and help you develop your device with the help of R&D centers. We work to distribute the devices locally and internationally.

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  • Experts in the field of Medical and Optometry / Ophthalmology Centers

At Regal Medic we work in the field of establishing and managing medical centers: we have Optometry Centers: Al – Hajal Optometry Center – Khader Hajal, which is a registered brand name optometry center.

We have recently opened an ophthalmology Clinic, named : Regal Medic Ophthalmology Clinic, with specialists in ophthalmology using cutting edge technologies.